Saturday, August 4, 2007

Is there a difference between a business person and an entrepreneur?

This is an interesting question I keep asking myself?

Is every business or a self-employed person an entrepreneur? Most people seem to think so. Somewhere, I am not comfortable with the idea.

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Ramesh Mantha said...

Yes there is a big difference between a business person and an Entrepreneur... here is my explanation about each of them.

Business person

1)The motivation to work alone, more to personality owner and usually have specific ideas
2) Ownership is usually directly from the founder or with business associates.
3) Managerial style is more just to the trial and error and still often avoid the risks, as well as financial cash flow is still stable.
4) Leadership of businesses have good relations with subordinates, collaborating with each other, and usually often produce a small victory.
5)Innovation from small businesses take a long time according to the owner's responsibility.
6)Outsourcing or network of business is still modest and if the business lobby is usually directly to the owner.
7) Potential of stable growth
Target the local market and the cost of suppressing.


1)Motivation for success with new technology, competition and risk management.

2)Ownership comes from small to large stocks.

3)Managerial styles with limited experience, but flexible, and have the spirit of continuous innovation.

4)Leadership always appreciate the contributions and achievements, is also struggling collectively.

5)The innovation has always been a leader in research, IT and global biotech, plus the speed of product launch to market.

6)Growing together as a team outsourcing.

7)Enormous growth potential because it is always acquire the technology and market change with new technology.

8)Targeting the global market and educate consumers of new technology.